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Wealthy, successful, sexy teen actress/celebrity who also occasionally sings, except she can't. She appeared regularly in comic book series Go-Go. In the first issue (June 1966), she stars and sings in the film Bikini Surf Party at Monster Drag Beach with other actor/singer Ajax Strong.

She's managed by talent agent Maxim the Maximum.

In issue #9 (October 1967) Bikini Luv gets engaged to singer Elvin Prisly.


  • Beach House Beach Party on Peachy Beach, before 1966
  • Beach Peach, 1966 or 1967, with Ajax Strong
  • Bikini Surf Party at Monster Drag Beach, 1966, with Ajax Strong
  • Bikini Beach Nuts, 1966, with Ajax Strong
  • Bikini Hawaiian Style (?), 1967, with Elvin Prisly
  • The Atypical Generation, 1967, with Ajax Strong
  • Man on the Moon Beach, 1967 or 1968

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