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Rapper played by Kenan Thompson in the "Rap Song" sketch from the 20 May 2017 episode of Saturday Night Live. In the sketch—a parody of songs with tons of guest performers—Big Chris's video for his single "One Voice" on Cash Stack is crashed by a ton of other fake rappers:

  • Shantasia (Sasheer Amata)
  • Yung Bitch (Pete Davidson)
  • Prinsexxxy (Leslie Jones)
  • Sno'Cone (Mikey Day)
  • Sloppy Moses (Kyle Mooney)
  • Marci Jamz (Melissa Villaseñor)
  • King Keef (Dwayne Johnson)
  • Lil' Nitwit (Alex Moffat)
  • 2 Black Guyz (Michael Che and Colin Jost)
  • Hawt Clown (Cecily Strong)
  • Pregnasty (Kate McKinnon)
  • Skiffle (Bobby Moynihan)
  • Kathleen Bell (Aidy Bryant)
  • Essentially Simon (Beck Bennett)
  • David S. Pimpkins (Tom Hanks)
  • Dat Snatch (Vanessa Bayer)

Real musician Katy Perry also appears in the sketch.

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