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Bertram Evans

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Bertie Evans is a poor, loutish, drunkard who steals an ancient harp that summons evil creatures in the "Evil Twangs the Devil's Harp" story of comic book Web of Mystery #18 (May 1953).

Evans, living in 1787 London, is one of the few who can play the "mystic chord" on the harp that summons a trio of ghoulish creatures. They warn him not to play the chord again. Evans, who couldn't play a note before, can play the cursed harp with skill and beauty. He uses his new talent to become a wealthy, refined, musician, using his proper name Bertram, founding a shipping line, getting a hot young wife, and playing for the king and queen.

But while playing his royal performance, he accidentally plays the mystic chord, summons the ghouls, freaks out, runs off, trips, drives his head THROUGH the harp, strangles to death, and his soul is turned into a new string on the harp.

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