Barsak Gh. Therwent

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Alien from Canopus XII and "inventor" of the enclosed harp from the humor article "Extracts from the Galactick Almanack: Music Around the Universe," by Larry M. Harris (pseudonym of Laurence M. Janifer) and published in the June 1959 issue of Galaxy. It was illustrated by MAD magazine's own Don Martin.

He played the gleep-flute and Irish harp at an early age. When attempting to play an Earth piano, his hair-thin arms were not strong enough to depress the keys, but did fit through the between the keys, enabling him to pluck the strings insides like a harp.

Wladislaw Wladislaw composed the Concertino for Enclosed Harp in 8236 for him, popularizing this newly invented instrument.

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