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Banjo Blore

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Blore Banjo Crime Does Not Pay.png

Psychotic criminal with a giggle who takes up the banjo in the "Kill-Crazy Fred "Banjo" Blore: The One-Man Crime Wave!" story of comic book Crime Does Not Pay #126 (Sep 1953). In June of 1921 he picks up a gun and a banjo from a pawn shop and ends up in jail for armed robbery. Out in 1923, he gets drunk at a speakeasy then robs it, and is back in jail. Out again, he gets drunk in a speakeasy, kills a guy, then goes on an epic 24 hour robbing and murdering spree, killing at least a dozen people. He's shot by cops but lives to face trial and is executed May 11, 1927.

He claimed his mother was an opera singer and his father was a conductor.

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