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Band fronted by a vampire, maybe, from some young adult novels in The Bailey School Kids series by Debby Cadet and Marcia Thornton Jones. They play Bailey City's Winterfest celebration.

Band frontman and guitarist Mr. Drake first appears in Dracula Doesn't Drink Lemonade, but there's no mention of the band. He looks and acts like a vampire, but it's left vague as to whether he is one or not. The kids endlessly speculate on how Mr. Drake is a vampire. Or not. Mr. Drake has to leave his job as school guidance counselor due to "allergies." Uh-hunh.

In Dracula Doesn't Rock and Roll, the band is more the focus. Mr. Drake is back, rehearsing at the house of teacher Mrs. Jeepers, also suspected of being a vampire by the kids. In one scene Drake plays his song "Bailey City Rock" for the class. At Winterfest, he explains to a reporter from WMTJ that "BATs" stands for "Best Act in Town." They do so well, they get a deal as the opening act for unseen band The Dead Beats. Mr Drake leaves town to go on tour, to the relief of the kids.

In Dracula Doesn't Play Kickball, BATs has broken up, and Mr. Drake is just back at the school as a playground monitor.

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