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From ancient Greek mythology, Amphion (Ἀμφίων) was the son of of Zeus and Antiope, after Zeus raped her. Amphion became a great singer and musician after Hermes gave him a golden lyre and taught him to play. Amphion and his twin brother Zethus built the city walls of Thebes. Zethus by using, you know, his muscles, and Amphion by making the bricks and stones levitate into place by playing his lyre. Dang.

Amphion married Niobe, but she insulted the goddess Leto, and Leto's children Artemis and Apollo murdered Amphion's children. Immediately after, Amphion:

  • according to Ovid: committed suicide out of grief
  • according to Telesilla: was murdered by Artemis and Apollo along with his children.
  • according to Hyginus: went mad, tried to attack the temple of Apollo, and was killed by the god's arrows.

Wow, the world's worst choose-your-own-adventure!

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