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Victim of the V.U.E. (Violent Unknown Even) that affected 19 million humans in Peter Greenaway's bizarre yet charming 1980 film The Falls. The film profiles, documentary-style, 92 individuals affected by the event. The event caused random people to develop bird-like desires and mutations, speak new languages, have recurring dreams involving water, and occasional immortality.

He is a jazz band pianist and played by real jazz band pianist Keith Pendlebury, who composed some of the film's music. Fallanx met his future wife, singer Starling Fallanx, just eight hours after the VUE.

Allia Fallanx is presently the fourth Custodian of the Boulder Orchard, the generally recognised geographical epicentre of the Violent Unknown Event. The Boulder Orchard's first permanent Custodian was H. E. Carter, painter, film-maker, banjo-player, hydronomist and indexer. The second Custodian was Rapper Begol, photographer, embryologist, saxophonist, fire-watcher and writer of Egg-Tales. The third Custodian was Catuso Phelpis, singer and ornithological registar.

Allia Fallanx, as pianist, ornithologist, cataloguer, apiarist and expert on flying reptiles, perpetuated and expanded the Custodian tradition. However, the publication of personal biographical details of VUE Commission employees is forbidden.

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