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Abbe Caffa

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Caffa Abbe Daredevil Comics.png

Violinist and composer with an unnamed American City Philharmonic Orchestra from the "Musical Justice" story of comic book Daredevil Comics #104 (November 1953)

A former European refugee, he has composed his first symphony after years of work. He shows it to his conductor/friend, smarmy Fedor Mauler. Mauler finds it so good he must steal it. He sends Caffa on a vacation, and while he's gone, presents the work as his own and rehearses it with the orchestra. Caffa confronts him, is disbelieved, and fired.

Series protagonists The Little Wise Guys, seeking a trombone, stumble on Caffa at a pawn shop when Caffa is reduced to pawning his violin and trombone. They help him out, prevent him from committing suicide and get him a job conducting their high school orchestra. When both the high school orchestra and the City Philharmonic enter an original composition competition, Mauler schemes to steal another Caffa work. But Caffa and the gang reveal Mauler's theft in front of the audience.

Mauler is fired and disgraced, and Caffa is offered Mauler's conductor position.

Written by Charles Biro.

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