5 Neat Guys

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5 Neat Guys SCTV.png

Late 1950s Pat Boone-ish, goody-two-shoes vocal group all in pastel sweaters in a couple of commercials on the sketch comedy television series SCTV. Lined up, their sweater letters spelled 5-N-E-A-T. They didn't have names, but 5 was John Candy; N, Joe Flaherty; E, Eugene Levy; A, Dave Thomas; and T, Rick Moranis.

In the May 22, 1981 episode, their Neatest Hits album featured: "Who Made the Egg Salad Sandwiches," "Let's Have a Party in My Rec Room," "Patsy Has the Largest Breasts in Town," and "Don't Step on my Clip on Tie."

The Nov. 6, 1981 episode retreaded the concept with their 5 Neat Guys Gold albumm, featuring the songs: "Mom Pressed the Crease in my Chinos," "Should we Double Date with Stan and Wendy," "Pimples and Pockmarks," and "I Got a Hickey."

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