Winslow Leach

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Struggling composer whose music is stolen by impresario Swan, head of Death Records. He has Leach beaten up and drugs planted on him, which lands Leach in Sing Sing and forced to get experimental teeth implanted, thanks to the Swan Foundation. When Leach finds out Swan is going to use his music to open the Paradise, he breaks out, vandalizes the Death Records pressing plant, but accidentally gets his head caught in a record press, hideously deforming him, and destroying his voice.

He steals some costumes and a masked helmet and turns himself into the Phantom to revenge himself on Swan and haunts his new music club. He tries to blow up The Juicyfruits during rehearsal, and Swan immediately tries to co-opt him! He creates a voice synthesizer for Leach so he can speak again, and agrees to Leach's demand that only singer Phoenix can sing his material. He gets Leach to rewrite everything for her, then steals his music AGAIN, and gives it to his new discovery, Beef.

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