Wallace and Davis

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Wallace and Davis is a song and dance team featuring the talents of Bob Wallace (Bing Crosby) and Phil Davis (Danny Kaye). Wallace and Davis meet in World War Two as they are serving in the same company -- the 131st. Wallace is already an established and somewhat famous talent. They put on a Christmas Eve show for the troops the night before they are to head out to fight and sing the Holiday classic White Christmas. After the show, the troops find themselves being attacked and Davis saves Wallace from a falling wall. Davis uses this as a way to weasel himself into a performing and writing partnership with Wallace.

After the war they begin performing as Wallace and Davis. They have hit songs with, 'Hi Hup", Heat Wave & Blue Skies. They even land a radio show called The Wallace and Davis Show.

Davis -- once again using the "I saved your life" card -- convinces Wallace to produce a new Musical Revue called Playing Around with Wallace as composer and Davis as the lyricist.

While putting the show up in Florida, the team are bamboozled into checking out a sister singing act, The Haynes Sisters. Wallace and Haynes had known the sisters' brother Bennie Haynes the freckled-faced Dog Faced Boy. While they thought they were being asked by an old army buddy for a favor, it was actually Judy Haynes who had sent a forged letter to the duo in an effort to help the sisters' careers.

Haynes Sisters