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The short-lived 1985 sci-fi TV series Otherworld featured the normal Sterling family transported to an alternate Earth where everything is divided into weird, worlds-unto-themselves provinces.

In the "Rock and Roll Suicide" episode (16 February 1985), they're in the midwest-esque Centrex City province, and bored Sterling siblings Trace (Tony O'Dell) and Gina (Jonna Lee) pick up guitar and drums, respectively, and form a two-piece band to compete in a talent show at "Developmental Thought Center 47" (i.e., school), covering the Beatles' "I Want to Hold Your Hand." Since rock and roll was never invented in this universe, their crazy, wimpy, deriviative eighties beat is a hit with the kids and a menace to Principal Dromo and local head of the Church of Artificial Intelligence, Dr. Klaxon (i.e., "the man").

They sign with impressed booking agent Billy Sunshine (i.e., Brian Epstein), whose inexplicable English accent is inexplicably bad and comes and goes. Inexplicably. The kids, with the help of a few extra studio musicians, cut a "repo disc" (i.e. album), of the greatest rock songs ever, such as Quiet Riot's "Cum on Feel the Noize" and Flatt and Scruggs' "Beverly Hillbillies" theme. Trace and Gina, obviously drunk on their own success, even try writing their own songs (eep!), including the Beatles tribute "Rock City."

Soon, the kids are expelled and Dr. Klaxon (convinced the album has hidden backwards messages!) is burning dolls and albums on their lawn. Not for "Rock City" specifically, but it should have been. Worse, the Sterlings' nemesis, evil Zone Trooper Commander Nuveen Kroll (perennial heavy Jonathon Banks), shows up in town to check out the menace and the family is forced to flee the province, leaving poor Billy Sunshine with only a hit repo disc and a dozen newly inspired bands to manage.

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