Three Times One Minus One

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White R & B duo from a skit on the "A Talking Junkie" episode (22 Nov 1996) of Mr. Show. They consist of Pootie T (David Cross) and Wolfgang Amadeus Thelonius Von Funkenmeister the Nineteenth and Three Quarters (Bob Odenkirk).

Their hit, "Ewww Girl Ewww," wins the Homage Award for most soulful single performed by a white duo, beating out R. U. da 1 and 2 Tru 4 U.

The song is off their Literacy for the People album on Sloppy Seconds Records. The video was directed by fake director Famous Mortimer.

In the "Sad Songs Are Nature's Onions" episode (21 Dec 1998), their song "Goodbye 2 Every 1 Ever" is nominated for a Teardrop Award for saddest song. They get beat out by Horace Loeb.

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