The Yodler of Yognasi

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Yodler of Yognasi Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds.png

Misspelled and poorly written character from "The Yodler of Yognasi" story of Charlton comic book Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #2 (January 1957). It's YODELLER, people. This man is stationed at the top of Mount Sugarina to guard the mysterious, unseen, isolationist, primitive mountain kingdom of Yognasi. When mountain climbers get too close, he "yodles" through his horn (?!) and causes avalanches to take them out.

Some determined mountain climbers get really, really determined to climb this mountain and figure, hey, we can just murder him. They coolly kill him sniper-style with a rifle from far away. But the noise from the rifle shot triggers another landslide, and they are killed.

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