Roz Nathan

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From Pete Townsend's (of The Who) 1993 concept album and show, Psychoderelict.

Rosalind "Roz" Nathan is really the manipulative, deceitful rock journalist Ruth Streeting (Jan Ravens). She hates waning rock star Ray High, and blasts him on her radio show, Streeting's Street, but cuts a secret deal with his frustrated manager, betting that she can get him to record again. She pretends to be this aspiring artist and starts a correspondence with him. Suckered hook, line, and sinker, he opens up to her and even sends her a demo of his song, "Flame" which she records and sends back to him. Ruth goes back on her show to blast Ray some more, twisting all his letters to "Roz" to make Ray look bad, and uses the controversy to sell the album by her pseudonym! "Flame" goes to number one. Plus, she has a fling with his manager, Rastus Knight (Linal Haft).

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