Perry Pig

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Pig Perry Lil Rascal Twins.png

Porcine singer from "The Barn Yard Swoonsation" two-page text story of Charlton comic book Li'l Rascal Twins #11 (August 1958). Well known in his hometown of Woodville, he sings every year at the County Fair. But this year, there's a contest, with an all-expenses paid trip to New York City to audition for the Grunt Recording Co. and the Pig Broadcasting Company.

Perry competes against other local acts, including the only other musical act, The Woodville Trio, and wins with a rock and roll number on his ukulele. He's signed by Grunt Records, and his first single "My Heart Is a Pig Pen" sells a million copies. He becomes known as "The Barn Yard Swoonsation". Things are going great with tours and TV and radio appearances when suddenly, for no reason whatsoever, he loses his ability to sing.

Doctors can't help and Perry is in the dumps, when out of the blue his friends and neighbors back in Woodville invite him home for a celebration because they are so proud of their native son.

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