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Peacey P is a popular rapper in the Homestar Runner animated cartoon universe. He first appeared in the 2007 "Teen Girl Squad Issue #13" cartoon, when someone mentioned the drug PCP. A bonus featured a commercial for his album Deliberance on Crample-O Stow Records. He is "the best guest rapper in the music biz," guest rapping on tracks by Coach Z, Tenerence Love, Taranchula, and even on his own album.

Deliberance features guest appearances by Tenerence Love, Large Craig, The Overripe MC, Akryllix, 3rd Lung and Peacey P.


  • Deliberance, 2007.
  • "Rap Song," 2007, guest appearance on Coach Z song.
  • "Trudgemank," guest appearance on Taranchula song.
  • Downright Homey, 2008, glimpsed in Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People
  • "Light Purple Cummerbund," 2009, guest appearance on Tenerence Love song.

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