Ned Nostril and His South Seas Paradise Put Your Blues on Ice Cheap at Twice the Price Band

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From the song "Ned Nostril (And His South Seas Paradise, Puts Your Blues on Ice, Cheap at Twice the Price Band — Ikky-Ikky, Ukky-Ukky)" by Ray Stevens from his 1984 album He Thinks He's Ray Stevens.

Ned has an overly large nose (possibly he suffers from Rhinophyma) that affects his ability to function normally, or even play a musical instrument. He does have friends who stand by him and join his band:

You see Ned and the boys would sniff ragweed 'til their allergies were screaming
Then they’d harmonize with watery eyes and sinuses a-streaming
And Ned took his liability; figured out how to turn it around
They wore Hawaiian clothes, and Ned played his nose, and that was their sound.

The song is sung in the style of Johnny Cash, but Ned and his band have a Hawaiian/South Seas sound.