Mizala Ecava

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Opera soprano from the sci-fi short story "Dream's End" by A. Connell and first published in the December 1935 issue of Wonder Stories.

Mizala Ecava, the soprano with the range and technique indescribably superb, advanced on to the platform on the night of her third New York concert. She stood for a moment, delighted by the enormity of her audience, then she signalled to her accompanist for the opening notes of “Wind Trill,” an aria far beyond the powers of any other singer.

She opened her red mouth and began to sing.

A shock of awe ran across the faces of the audience, travelling from the deluxe lounges to the hazy reaches of the gallery.

The voice of Ecava was a hoarse, vile croaking!

There she stood, gowned in white, booming like a human frog! And more ghastly fact — it was evident that she was entirely unconscious of the horror of her transformed voice. She boomed and croaked on, throwing her arms in absurd gestures and smiling indulgently at her listeners.

She stopped; the blood drained from her cheeks.

Her audience had seemed to waver- had collapsed into a maelstrom- then it was gone, just as a splotch of dust might go in the passing of a swift wind!

A band of mad, formless light fell through a vanished ceiling, lashing itself from wall to wall in a titanic, chromatic tempest. It stormed, drew back in mindless eddies, and with it into a nameless limbo went Mizala Ecava and her incomparable voice....

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