Marie deSalle

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Ex-Cosby kid Lisa Bonet has an extended cameo as this uber-sexy, dreadlocked, nose-studded singer at Chicago's Lounge Axe club, in the movie High Fidelity (2000). She sings, sells her CD, and has a meaningless one night stand with Championship Vinyl store owner Rob Gordon (John Cusack), because she believes sex is one of the "basic human rights."

She sings an acoustic version of Peter Frampton's "Baby I Love Your Way" in a way that makes it not suck (alas, not on the soundtrack) and mentions a song she wrote called "Eartha Kitt Times Two."

The Marie DeSalle CD Rob pops into his player has the following tracks listed on it, all oddball covers except for that Eartha Kitt song:

  1. Baby I Love Your Way
  2. Eartha Kitt Times Two
  3. Ghostbusters
  4. Beat It
  5. Baby Got Back
  6. 911 is a Joke
  7. I Will Survive
  8. Mmm Bop
  9. My Heart Will Go On
  10. You Can't Have It
  11. The Time is Now