King Thunder

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In the "Glitter Rock" (04/10/1991) episode of sci-fi series Quantum Leap, the time-traveling, body-jumping Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) jumps back to 1974 and the body of Geoffrey "Tonic" Mole (Bruce Michael Paine), a member of this English KISS-esque (i.e., full face make-up) hard rock/metal band. Sam has to figure out who's going to stab him to death before it happens. Is it evil manager Dwayne, played by '60s pop star Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits? Jealous fellow band member Flash McGrath (Jon Gries)? Or crazed fan Philip Silbart (Christian Hoff) who might be the singer's illegitimate son? Don't look at me, I didn't see it. Ok, I did see like five minutes toward the end, and Al (Dean Stockwell) mentions that Geoffrey might have fathered the kid because he came through the area about the right time when he was in another band, with a much squarer sounding name. Anybody remember that name? King Thunder played the songs "Rock the Redhead" and "Fate's Wide Wheel," (on the TV soundtrack album) the latter in which Scott Bakula did his own singing. Episode written by Chris Rupperthal.

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