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Band spawned by a breakup of The Beets, in the "Doug's Concert Crisis" episode (05 Dec 1998) of animated television series Doug, later re-titled Brand Spanking New! Doug aka Disney's Doug

After one of their frequent breakups, guitarist Flounder goes home to Bluffington and goes solo. He's recording at the Mollusk Shoals studio with drummer Eric and guitarist Norman. But he needs a new sound. He stumbles onto a tape of avant-garde noise by Doug's annoying, artsy-fartsy sister Judy. Flounder goes nuts for her and her noise, and they start dating which is creepy since she's still in high school.

Judy's Yoko Ono-esque noises and crazy demands cause Norman and Eric to quit right before the concert. The packed audience is driven off by the band's "music," and Flounder rejoins the Beets, and he and Judy break up.

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