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Death Crazy.png

Shock rock parody band from the Rolling Stone parody "Rock 'N' Rollin' Stone" feature of tween satire mag Crazy #3 (March 1974). From St. Louis, they were founded by Peruvian vocalist Umberto Togarowa, who recruited former country and western singer Adelle Farmerdaughter. The only two permanent members, they kill a member of the band at every performance, but make it look like an accident so they don't get arrested.


  • Umberto Togarowa, vocals
  • Adelle Farmerdaughter, vocals
  • unnamed bassist, deceased


  • "Railroad Spike Through My Throat (Can't Hit the Right Note)"
  • "I Will Be, I Am, I Was," their new single, hit Number Ten on the national charts.
  • They also cover "The Last Kiss," "Tell Laura I Love Her," "Honey," and "Maxwell's Silver Hammer"


  • Stab, Choke, and Die
  • Cremation

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