Amleto Toscali

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Fictitious conductor used by unscrupulous record companies to release works by other artists under false names to avoid paying royalties or obscure the fact they are older or public domain recordings.

His name is meant to be confusingly similar to that of real conductor Arturo Toscanini (1867–1957).

He was used on releases in the 1960s by Bravo! Records, Design Records, and Bravo!'s successor label, International Award Series. He conducted the "Festival Orchestra Of Milan," "Hamburg Festival Symphony Orchestra," "Italian Festival Symphony Orchestra," and "The International Festival Orchestra." Man, Toscali loved him some festivals.

You may add Ferdinand Leitgeb to the list of nonexistent conductors, along with Ralph De Cross, Arturo Toscali, and the others. No, he isn't Ferdinand Leitner, as you might guess, but rather, Hans Swarowsky.

- Fanfare magazine, volume 13, issue 4, page 201. 1990

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